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Make them powerful

Do you want to make your words more powerful, while keeping your own voice?
Do you want to make sure your academic dissertation or thesis reads well, and is proofread to a high standard?
Do you need a final rewrite of a speech, or website copy, or reach a word count without losing its impact?

Wordsmith Services adds value to your words and gives you the edge.

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Jacky Thorne
Proofreader, editor and writer

Wordsmith Services is Jacky Thorne, who writes everything and anything – to a word count, to a deadline and on most subjects. Wordsmith Services was set up, in 2016, to help small business owners with language. Over the years I have also specialised in academic proofreading, at all levels, including for those students who have English as their second language.

Reducing word counts, proofreading and copyediting work to improve flow, checking citations and references are all an obsession, and working with a wide range of intelligent people, all with their own specialism, is a great experience.

In business, talented people with great business ideas, successful in their own right, find using language difficult and time-consuming. You know how to market your business – but using the right language to make you look professional is something else. You want to communicate in a clear, concise and professional way, but have no time for what is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete?

This is decided by you - I will work to your deadline (if it is imminent the quote will reflect this!)

How much do you charge?

This is determined by what is needed (proofing, copyediting etc), the number of words and the deadline.

How will you edit my work?

Carefully! For student work, it is vital that the content and meaning of the original work is not changed or altered in any way. Website copy is slightly different, as I am happy to make suggestions as to how this could be more impactful.

Does my course allow this?

Yes, academic proofreading is often the final step before submission of a thesis or dissertation.